jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Party pooper

Like Nietzsche said, "Without music, life would be a mistake"...well, I feel the same: to me, music is something that goes beyond terrenal life, it changes the soul, it pass through it and touches the intimate part of people, tries to get to the people and make them more conscious.
When I listen to music, with nothing perturbing me at all, it makes me feel relax and (sometimes) like if I was in another place, like floating. Hearing how the instruments really sounds among the others: the bass, the piano, the violin, makes the hearing something amazing...If you haven't tried, do it, put a song and try to recognize every instrument that's sounding, specially the ones with a big amount of them.
When I hear music, the most of the times I hear progessive rock/alternative rock/classic rock/folk rock: so in general rock is my favourite music gender; within this my favourite bands or the ones that I hear the most are Pink Floyd, Incubus, Genesis, The Decemberists, Foo Fighters, among others. Also I like to hear chilean music, in general the most of the types, like Pedropiedra, Violeta Parra, some of Manuel Garcia, and so on.
I really don't like to discriminate music, because everyone have different likes and dislikes, so I give every type of music a chance, despite this there are some kind of music that I dislike beacuse I've already gave it an opportunity, but I'll leave it for me.
All of the concerts I went left me something good to remember, all of them were groups that I really like, or that I loved in it's minute. Now, after the concerts that I've gone I can say I love them, be between all those people, while I hear the music that I like, singing and watching the band alive.
Nowadays, everytime I can and my money allows me, I buy a new CD or a vynil, and collect them as much as I can.
Finally, I must say that the world without music would be a sad world, more than it is now, and every person in this world would be selfish and party pooper.

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

A good experience

As I said before, travelling is something that I would like to do the rest of my life, I would like to know as many places as possible, and holidays are the best time to plan them.
Two or three years ago, in the summer holidays, I went to Uruguay with my school closer friends: we were eight people travelling across Uruguay, toghether the most of the time, but separate in some cases, meeting again when the new place had come, sleeping wherever we could in our tents or at a backpacker hostel, for about ten days. 
The trip started in Santiago for all of us, but we met again when the last one arrived at the airport of the capital of Uruguay: Montevideo, because we all travelled by different planes and schedules. This first night we slept at the airport, seated around with our luggage on us, or at our backs to make sleeping a little more comfortable. We did hour for about 8 o 10 hours, waiting for the bus that would take us to the bus station. Some of us couldn't sleep during the night, and the others slept half trying to make the night nicer till the morning.
When we couldn't keep waiting, we took our backpacks and caught a bus through the city to the bus station, because that day we should reach the other end of the country and start from there the adventure.
The next few days, we stayed at Punta del Diablo, we went to the beach, we met people and new places like the small town with it's nice places to eat, the small calm hostels, their native friendly people and the nature around all. We started travelling from there, back to the country capital, through little trips by bus or backpacking, asking the cars to give us a ride.
After that, we went to Valizas, which is known for it's calm streets, the peace you can breathe, the hippie places you can know with it's low light surrounded by people with no shoes at all, and the enjoyable beach which makes the place perfect to forget everything and relax.
The final days, we knew Punta del Este, La Pedrera, and Montevideo, and with no doubt I can say that my favourite places were La Pedrera and Valizas, because of the people, the experiences, the places you can know. La Pedrera was a town full of people, full of handmade stuff, people that made you feel comfortable, and a beautiful beach with calm water...
During the trip, we stayed at different house backyards in our tents, which is very common in there: people which have a house, lend their backyards to backpackers with their tents for a little amount of money, and while you're staying there you can use the bathroom, the kitchen, the internet, the living room, and also you can meet other people which are staying in the same way as you do.
I really liked this trip, we had a lot of experiences, we knew a lot of people, we pass through many stuff that nowadays we remember and laughed for hours.

jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016

Amazing places

Every time there are more and more people that have the chance to travel to other countries, and the ones who do, most of the times have the possibility to learn about the place where are staying in. They may have a variety of reasons to travel to another place: to visit someone, to study, for work, for a competition or only to know about places. I'm a person who wants to know as many places as possible, because I would like to know the history about them, meet the people, get involved in the culture they're immersed on, and the places they take as temples. Well, one of the places I would like to know is Laos, for it's mystic places, monuments and the incredible landscapes which owns. Laos is an Asian country that's known by it's countless beautiful places, and it's amazing people and culture. It shares borders with countries like China, Thailand and Cambodia, and the main culture is the lao ethnic people. They practice budism and animism, and they speak lao, but also a bit of french. It's important to know that if you go there, you must not interfere in the culture and people's dalily dynamic. So, go there but be careful with the spaces, the people, take care of them and learn about the beautiful culture that they can share to us!